Reduce Your Credit Card Debt By As Much As 65%

Did you know you could reduce your credit card debt by as much as 65%? That’s some really good news for anyone who is buried under credit-card debt and needs to get out from under all of it, right? 

Although I am mainly focused on real estate investing,  I’ve had lots of students tell me that they need to take care of first things first: they need help from the burdens of credit-card debt. Then they will be only too happy to find a way to build true wealth through real estate investing.

It’s easy for monthly payments to get so high that it’s impossible to make ends meet, never mind paying all those debts off. Sometimes people will need to use a credit card to make the monthly payments on other cards. 

There’s a way to break this insane, endless cycle.

I’ve become affiliated with a company called Effective Debt Relief. They provide debt  solutions for people who need someone to advocate on their behalf.


For some people, it’s possible to cut credit-card balances in half, and substantially lower the monthly payments. Even better, it’s often possible to get a plan in place to have those credit cards paid off completely.

Imagine the great feeling when you get a credit-card statement that says: 

Current Balance: $0.00

Effective Debt Relief may be able to make that happen. 


It’s not always possible to help people in certain situations. But if you or someone you know would like to find out quickly and easily if help is on the horizon, then click on the link below and set up a convenient time for a free, friendly chat to explore the possibilities.

You can thank me later.


David Lindahl, RE Mentor

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