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For over sixteen years we and our partners have been helping people first take control and then become free of their debt. There are several options available for you that include but are not limited to: Debt Counseling, Personal Consolidation Loan, Debt Reduction Program, Bankruptcy and several more.

Better Future For Your children
A Better Future for Your Children

As a Parent, there is nothing more important than your children. Our team will help you come up with a customized plan so that you can focus on what’s truly important. A future without debt is a better future for your children

EDR has immensely helped my family by making our financial problems less stressful.

Benjamin Richardson​
Less Stress
Less Debt Equals Less stress

It is no surprise that dealing with extensive financial issues is a leading cause of stress for most people. Our advanced debt consolidation strategies will help you effective relieve your debt while lowering your stress! 

Their team takes their time to make sure that you understand the necessary steps to help you get out of your debt.

Gloria Rose
Financial Freedom For Your Marriage

Money-related issues are one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. After working with our team and gaining financial stability, you can focus on your spouse more or even have the wedding of your dreams! 

The Effective Debt Relief Team does exactly what they advertise and have helped me with my financial struggles.

Walter Myers

Let our experience be your guide 

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